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Emergency Shore Line Repair
Detroit, MI

  • Request and apply for a permit from the USACE and MDEQ
  • Provide all design, surveying, layout, as-built information, and permits
  • Furnish and install 28,000 sft of ZZ-26 700 steel sheet piling x 80' long
  • Furnish and install 9,000 sft of PZ-27 sheet piling x 30' long
  • Furnish and install perimeter steel wale brace along the main and dead men sheet pile walls
  • Furnish and install steel tie-rods including any excavation and backfill with excavated materials
  • Furnish and install 300 lft of steel channel cap
  • Furnish and install 18 ea. 14hp73 h-piles x 80' long driven to 120 tons capacity
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