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River Rouge Oxbow Restoration
Project - Phase IIIDearborn, MI 
2018 - 2019

Scope includes the connecting of the northwest end of the Oxbow within the Henry Ford/Greenfield Village to the Rouge River through the means of excavating an open channel. The project created an open connection, removing the existing storm sewer pipe and stabilizing the new open channel. Additionally, the bridge structure was constructed over the channel to maintain the current alignment and profile of the crossing of Eagle Lane, within the Henry Ford/Greenfield Village. 

Construction Items: 
  • Temporary Coffer Dam Construction and Dewatering • Demolition and 8000 cy Channel Excavation and removal 
  • 750 ton of 16"-24" Riprap 
  • 30 each 14hp73 piles x 55' Foundation Piles 
  • Pile Caps 71'x 3'-3" x 3'6" 
  • 42 linear ft of 42 ft span x 10 ft rise 7 unit Precast Bridge with headwalls and wingwalls 
  • Remove and replace existing concrete apron 
  • Guardrail and Split Rail Fence
  •  Vegetation Installation and Maintenance including seed, plugs, trees, and live stakes.
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