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E.C. Korneffel Co. (ECK) is a full-service marine contractor that performs work accessible by both land and barge. Many of our projects are design/build, which combines our experience with specific customer needs that satisfy the project end goal. 

ECK performs the following types of projects: 
  • Pile supported walkways, relieving platforms, and offshore wharfs 
  • Steel sheet piling bulkheads, cicrulcar cells, and Combi-wall systems 
  • Marina reconfiguration and construction 
  • Marine fender systems 
  • Rip rap placement/scour protection 
  • Dam reconstruction

  • Pile supported walkways, relieving platforms, and offshore wharfs
  • Ice deflector cofferdam structures utilizing driven piling and/or rock anchors 
  • Grouting of cofferdam structures 
  • Piling installation
  • Concrete pile bent construction 
  • Precast plank and all associated concrete work   

Steel sheet piling bulkheads
  • Installation of sheet piling in lengths up to 90’ long one (1) piece.
  • Series of template and walking beams are utilized to insure plumbness and accuracy.
  • Deadman sheet piling, raker piles, grouted tie-backs, and helical anchors are utilized to tie back walls with excavation cuts typically more than 15’ depending on soil conditions. 

Combi-wall systems 
  • Wide Flange and sheet pile combi-wall for utilization of deep cuts in poor soils and on large environmental projects. 
  • Battered pile and/or deadman tie-back wall are typically installed to support the main wall. 

Cicular Cells 
  • Driven tiered template system for installation of flat sheets 23’ in dimeter and up. 
  • Multiple lines of bracing 
  • Excavation of cell to depths can be in excess of 40’ Marina reconstruction 
  • Demolition and removal of existing facilities
  • Construction utilizing fixed and/or floated docks and piers 
  • Electrical and water upgrades Marine fender systems 
  • Driven piling with d-bore fenders • Timber fender installation
  • Foam filled fenders Rip rap placement/scour protection 
  • Truck and/or barge delivered
  • Placed by excavators or by crane and clam bucket land 
  • Land and barge capabilities 
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