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E. C. Korneffel Co. (ECK) is a full service bridge contractor specializing in demolition, rehabilitation, reconstruction, new bridge construction and sound wall construction. While utilizing the latest construction techniques to span both land and water, ECK designs and builds bridges for city and county governments, various railroad companies, the Michigan Department of Transportation, and the Florida Department of Transportation.

The full range of bridge construction services offered at ECK includes:
  • Structural steel retrofit and replacement • Expansion dam replacement 
  • Pin & hanger replacement
  • Silica Fume deep overlay 
  • Exoxy overlay 
  • Reinforced concrete deck repair and replacement
  • Abutment and pier repair and replacement 
  • Concrete beam repair 
  • Electrical upgrades 
  • Painting
  • Traffic control 
  • Full bridge demolition and replacement 
  • Sound wall construction 
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